Attention Shoppers!

Educational Institutions, includes public performance rights $250 ($5 shipping fee) contact Hometown Productions at 877-644-2909 or email


Community Groups, with public performance rights $89 ($5 shipping fee)


Individual Purchase $19.95 ($5 shipping fee)To purchase a copy of TALKING TO THE WALL for personal, in-home use only, call 877-644-2909 or email


Discount purchase and rental rates can also be negotiated with non-profits, student organizations, unions, and groups of faith. Contact:

Hometown Productions offers informational resources and support to plan screenings of Talking to the Wall. Contact us so we can help you organize an event that will draw a crowd, email or call 413.773.9029.

To inquire about filmmaker attendance at screenings or participation in/leading workshops, please contact Hometown Productions at 413.773.9029 or email

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